The Vendor Dilemma

I was at a conference (note, this post has been purposefully delayed an unspecified amount of time because I am not interested in shaming the specific company nor causing any negative press for the conference, this is just me getting some thoughts out). There was one time slot where I wanted to take a break from talks, so I headed over to the vendor area. The room wasn’t very busy since most people were in talks, so I figured this would be a great time to talk to the vendors and ask a lot of questions. I was surprised, though, at how difficult it was to get any vendors to talk to me.
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Mac Cursor Stuck as Magnifying Glass While Screen Sharing

I was screen sharing with another Mac, and I could see the normal mouse arrow pointer, but I couldn’t move it. When I moved my mouse around, it appeared as a magnifying glass, and I couldn’t click on anything.  Continue reading “Mac Cursor Stuck as Magnifying Glass While Screen Sharing”

Windows 10 Suddenly Can’t Convert PDF to JPG

I have a client who contacted me because they had always been able to convert PDF files into JPG files (and a large list of other file types) by opening the PDF and choosing Save As. Today, though, they suddenly couldn’t. When they opened the PDF and went under File to Save As, the only option is to save it as a PDF file. Continue reading “Windows 10 Suddenly Can’t Convert PDF to JPG”

New Macbook Pro Can’t Use Scanner Feature in HP Printer

I was helping set up an older printer, an HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 n911a, on a new Macbook Pro. We followed the instructions on, but we kept hitting an error while trying to install HP Easy Scan. It would download, install, and then during the config, we would get this error message, “Cannot configure the device software.” Continue reading “New Macbook Pro Can’t Use Scanner Feature in HP Printer”