Escaping the Comfort Zone

Here is my final editorial for the August 2014 issue of php[architect] magazine:

php[architect] - August 2014

Escaping the Comfort Zone

We all like to be confident in what we say and do. We like to know a topic and our job inside out. We like to learn things when it’s fun, but we “know” everything we “need” to know. We do not like to be dropped into a situation where our knowledge is questioned, where we don’t know the right answers. IT professionals are supposed to know everything and be able to magically fix everything. We are supposed to wow everyone with our brilliance at every turn. If we ever consider asking a question, RTFM and LMGTFY are there to remind us that needing help is a sign of weakness, a sign that we are not cut out for our job. Continue reading

Becoming Relevant

Here is my latest editorial for the July 2014 issue of php[architect] magazine:

php[architect] - July 2014Becoming Relevant

PHP has long had the reputation of being a “side project”, something people played with in their free time or for personal use. Even though we haven’t fully shaken this reputation, PHP has come into its own and is being taken very seriously in the enterprise around the world. This makes PHP developers a hot commodity in the job market. There are contract jobs and full-time jobs, junior and senior positions – a wealth of opportunities. Continue reading

Journey to the Core

Here is my latest editorial for the June 2014 issue of php[architect] magazine:

php[architect] - June 2014Journey to the Core

Grab your gear! Does everyone have a torch? Did anyone bring a ten foot pole? Join us on a journey to the center of our profession, the focal point of our community…the core of PHP. What actually happens when you run that PHP script? Ever wondered? I know I have, so when Julien (the PHP 5.5/5.6 release manager) offered to give us an inside look at PHP, I was thrilled! Continue reading