Gmail Auto-replies and Contact Form 7

I was working on a WordPress website that uses the Contact Form 7 plugin for their main contact form. The company uses Gsuite (Gmail) for their business email, and they have an auto-reply set for all emails to their company. In order to comply with anti-spam requirements, Contact Form 7 was set up with a From address that matched the server and then the customer’s email was put in as a Reply-To. However, Gmail was not honoring the Reply-To for the auto-reply emails and was sending it to the From address instead.  Continue reading “Gmail Auto-replies and Contact Form 7”

My New Adventure

As many of you know, I love working with PHP and being a part of its community. When I left php[architect], I chose not to jump into something new right away because I wanted to make really, really sure that whatever company I joined would not only embrace this love, but encourage it. I didn’t want to sell something; I wanted to build something to make the community a better place. Continue reading “My New Adventure”

Madison PHP Conference Wrap-up

Madison PHP Conference 2014 was held on September 13th, 2014. As one of the organizers, I saw a very different side of the conference than most attendees (which mostly means I ran around most of the day, and I did not get to see many of the talks). It was still an awesome time, though, and I absolutely loved seeing so many devs in one place focused on learning and getting to know each other. Continue reading “Madison PHP Conference Wrap-up”

Escaping the Comfort Zone

Here is my final editorial for the August 2014 issue of php[architect] magazine:

php[architect] - August 2014

Escaping the Comfort Zone

We all like to be confident in what we say and do. We like to know a topic and our job inside out. We like to learn things when it’s fun, but we “know” everything we “need” to know. We do not like to be dropped into a situation where our knowledge is questioned, where we don’t know the right answers. IT professionals are supposed to know everything and be able to magically fix everything. We are supposed to wow everyone with our brilliance at every turn. If we ever consider asking a question, RTFM and LMGTFY are there to remind us that needing help is a sign of weakness, a sign that we are not cut out for our job. Continue reading “Escaping the Comfort Zone”