Gmail Auto-replies and Contact Form 7

I was working on a WordPress website that uses the Contact Form 7 plugin for their main contact form. The company uses Gsuite (Gmail) for their business email, and they have an auto-reply set for all emails to their company. In order to comply with anti-spam requirements, Contact Form 7 was set up with a From address that matched the server and then the customer’s email was put in as a Reply-To. However, Gmail was not honoring the Reply-To for the auto-reply emails and was sending it to the From address instead. 

This meant that customers were not getting the vital information in the auto-reply and the company was getting a bounceback every time they received a message from the website. Everyone was unhappy.

Solving this issue ended up being a really quick fix. In the form in Contact Form 7, I clicked on the “Mail” tab, and under “Additional Headers”, I used:

Reply-To: [your-email]
Return-Path: [your-email]

Gmail honored the Return-Path address for the auto-reply messages, but the spam filters were still happy because the From address still matched the sending server. Yay!

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