Outlook Won’t Open Links – Canceled Due to Restrictions

I had a customer call me with a strange issue. They had had a bit of an “incident” with a virus, but they had installed virus protection and gotten things cleaned up. However, they had a new issue now. Every time they clicked on a link in their email in Outlook, they would just get an error message and the links would not open. Continue reading “Outlook Won’t Open Links – Canceled Due to Restrictions”

Gmail Auto-replies and Contact Form 7

I was working on a WordPress website that uses the Contact Form 7 plugin for their main contact form. The company uses Gsuite (Gmail) for their business email, and they have an auto-reply set for all emails to their company. In order to comply with anti-spam requirements, Contact Form 7 was set up with a From address that matched the server and then the customer’s email was put in as a Reply-To. However, Gmail was not honoring the Reply-To for the auto-reply emails and was sending it to the From address instead.  Continue reading “Gmail Auto-replies and Contact Form 7”