New Macbook Pro Can’t Use Scanner Feature in HP Printer

I was helping set up an older printer, an HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 n911a, on a new Macbook Pro. We followed the instructions on, but we kept hitting an error while trying to install HP Easy Scan. It would download, install, and then during the config, we would get this error message, “Cannot configure the device software.” Continue reading “New Macbook Pro Can’t Use Scanner Feature in HP Printer”

Can’t Click in TeamViewer

I was helping a family member set up a new computer, a Macbook Pro, and I had them install TeamViewer so I could configure things for them without them having to read everything to me. They got it installed, and I connected, but I couldn’t click on anything on their computer and they couldn’t see me moving the mouse. Continue reading “Can’t Click in TeamViewer”

Outlook Won’t Open Links – Canceled Due to Restrictions

I had a customer call me with a strange issue. They had had a bit of an “incident” with a virus, but they had installed virus protection and gotten things cleaned up. However, they had a new issue now. Every time they clicked on a link in their email in Outlook, they would just get an error message and the links would not open. Continue reading “Outlook Won’t Open Links – Canceled Due to Restrictions”